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Plain - PrePrinted - Personalised

Our lanyards provide a straightforward, cost-effective, and powerful means to advertise your brand or enterprise. With a range of colors, materials, and finishes available, we cater for all lanyard requirents.


Get your very own custom lanyard. We can add your own logo, match your brand colours and provide a range of different finishes and accessories. 

We stock plain lanyards in all colours of the rainbow. Available with plastic or metal clips and with a choice of accessories and attachments.

Lanyards Pre-printed with commonly used text such as staff, visitor, student, contractor, etc.  Cost-effective option for lanyards

Celebrate and promote diversity in your workplace or organisation with our Rainbow lanyards.  Plain or Custom Printed With Your Logo.

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Personalised lanyards

Complete customisation

Our modern print technology allows for high-quality logos, text and patterns to be printed on both sides of the lanyard.

Choice of accessories

Complete your lanyard with a range of clip options such as plastic, metal, snap or crocodile clips. 

Choice of materials

Choose from nylon, polyester, satin or silk to create the perfect fit for your company branding

Safety Breakaway

Add a safety breakway clip to your lanyard – perfect for those working in hazardous enviornments. 

Lanyard Attachments

Lanyards are a versatile tool. They can be used to display ID or access cards, carry keys or just for brand recognition, whatever you need your lanyards for, we’ve got a clip to suit. 


Trigger Clip

Simple, rugged metal clip ideal for quick removal and reattachment of cards and accessories. The trigger clip is one of the most commonly used types of clips and offers good durability and resi


Plastic J-Clip

Plastic clip perfect for slot punch plastic cards. Most commonly used for photo ID Cards.


Metal J-Clip

Similar to the Plastic J Clip, the metal J clip is a popular choice for displaying photo ID cards. 


Metal Lobster Clip

Similar to the Plastic J Clip, the metal J clip is a popular choice for displaying photo ID cards. 


Got a question about lanyards? We can answer it. 

Yes, you can print on both sides of the lanyard excluding woven lanyards.
When screen printing, we can match colours exactly. When using Dye-Sublimation, we uses CMYK values to match your colour to the closest reference.

Again, this depends on the type of printing you opt for. For dye-sublimation, you can use as many as colours as you wish.  For all others,  we recommended restriction use to 3-4 different colours. 


Eco Lanyards

We now offer a variety of eco-friendly lanyards that are essential component for any environmentally conscious organisation. The options for printing and finishing your eco-friendly lanyards are just as broad and cost-effective as traditional polyester lanyards. So whether you’re choosing Bamboo, RPET,  or recycled plastics, rest assured your lanyards will look as good as non

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